How to download Storyline SDK?

Jul 30, 2015


We have a requirement to add icons in the player menu. Since it can be flash coded using Storyline SDK, we plan to download it. Can anyone tell me how to download Storyline SDK. Iam finding it difficult to download in the Github site. There are too many files and sub-folders. Also, no instructions are given regarding download. Kindly let me know how to fully download Storyline SDK.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Arunkumar, 

The Articulate Storyline 2 software development kit (SDK) is a free download that currently supports custom player frames for Flash content.

You'll need Flash coding skills to use the SDK. If you need help, we recommend posting in our SDK forumto connect with other developers.

There's a file in the SDK download that outlines how to build a custom player frame, including:

  • Sample project files
  • ActionScript source files
  • Documentation for the interface and event classes
  • Instructions for swapping an existing frame with a custom frame

The Storyline SDK uses ActionScript, which affects Flash content only. HTML5 content uses a separate player frame.

Beyond that documentation above, I am not certain that I'll be more assistance as it's  not something that we can offer support for - but you may also want to look at posting in the Developer SDKs and APIs forum. 

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