How to edit Next from submit button during quiz

Jun 17, 2013

 When a user goes back through previously answered quiz questions using inserted triggers, the submit button changes to Next and the Previous button also automatically appears (even if these two functions are initially disabled under the slide navigation options). Is there a way to edit the Next button on these slides since it does not appear as a choice when attempting to edit the triggers since I've disabled Prev. and Next as options? If I enable Next in the navigation options, the Next button appears next to Submit during the quiz which is not what I would like plus it confuses the user as to what should be clicked when answering a question.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Pete!

I believe this is happening the same way it would happen if you were reviewing a quiz question - the "Submit" button has been used already to finish the question, so the navigational buttons are provided for the user to move back and forth between their previously answered questions. 

Have you considered custom buttons? It sounds like you're wanting to only use the "Submit" button, perhaps it would be best to disable all of the buttons and stick with a custom button for submitting and navigating the course? 

Also, I'm not quite sure why you'd want to have a user go back to a previously answered question before they've finished the quiz - or are you wanting to create a kind of custom review?


Pete K

I tried to create custom buttons, but Prev. and Next still pop up as part of the player during the review process so this causes some confusion about which buttons to use for navigation.  I want the user to be able to go back and double check on their responses. As I stated in the original post, disabling the Prev. and Next doesn't mean that these won't appear when the user has already been able to navigate backward through an alternate trigger. Try and you'll see what I mean.  As soon as a user is allowed to go back the player's prev. and next buttons appear which totally mess up the design of the quiz since I can't program what these buttons do.  Can you tell me why these buttons MUST appear during the quiz without giving the course designer flexibility as to what they are able to accomplish?

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