How to edit Review Quiz feedback that comes at the bottom.

Jan 19, 2017

I'm using a question bank to draw questions, but I'm using my own template that I've pulled the questions from. Now everything is working fine except, when I click “Review Results” the feedback shown is incorrect for all questions irrespective of what I chose. How can I fix that?


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Priysha

are you asking about creating custom review feedback or the issue they are all reporting 'incorrect'?

Can you share your .story file might be easier for someone to help if they can see your setup.

Update: on second look at your screenshot - it is reporting incorrect as no selection has been made on the screen?

Priysha Karan

No it's not the custom review feedback and the screen shot is a copy of the question slide I'm trying to review after I've taken the quiz. I did check the correct answer.

I want to know where does the incorrect feedback come from, and why isn't it taking my answers.

Also, I'm not sure I can share the file but let me check.

Wendy Farmer

When you select the Review Quiz option in the result slides that is the feedback layer that displays and unfortunately the default one shown in your image is not editable but you could create a custom one if you wanted.

As to why the quiz isn't working - that's another question and hard to say without seeing the file. If you can't share it here you might need to log a support case and upload to Articulate.

Brian Cook

I had a colleague who just encountered this. After clicking the review quiz option, the bottom feedback was showing "incorrect" on questions that she knew were correct.

She had copied and pasted a new question over an existing one in an existing bank. Our solution was to create a new question bank and then paste the text in. This worked

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