how to edit text in drag and drop each item to the file cabinet

I inserted a questioning tool from a template in Storyline 2 where I can drag items to a file cabinet of trash can but I cannot change the text in each of the drag items, I right click to edit text trying to remove : Note 1 This is a drop object set to drop target but I cannot get to it. I can add text to center of the box that overlays the existing text. Thank you for reading the post.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Steve, 

Did you download this file cabinet template from our site? Do you have a link so that we could look at how it's set up in terms of adjusting those elements? 

If their shapes or text boxes you should be able to click within them to edit - or did you try clicking to "edit the drag and drop" and see if the text was there for you to change?