How to edit the result slides?

Hi there,

I'm stuck with the following (probably very simple) issue... I've created a quiz and the software has automatically created the result slides, which show the user (upon request) the correct results. While this is good, I do not know how to edit the layout of the result slides. Currently the correct results are shown underneath the question, resulting in some of them being wedged into other text boxes, clip arts, etc.

How can I see and edit those slides? I can only see the "normal" question slides but not the ones with the correct answers in them...

Sorry if this might be a silly question, I'm still a beginner...

Thank you already for your help


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Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Mitch.

This tutorial covers how to create result slides.

If you need to make changes to your result slide later, you can go to your result slide and edit the content and design directly on the slide.  If you need to change other things about the result slide that aren't visible on the slide (such as which questions are being tracked, the passing score, timer, or other options), just click the Edit Result Slide button in the Question panel that appears to the right of the slide workspace.  This opens the Result Slide Properties dialog where you can make whatever changes you need. Click the OK button when you're done.

Please let us know if you need anything else, and have a great day!

Mitch Lehmann

Hi Justin,

thank you for your quick reply!

Unfortunately, while this tutorial is indeed very helpful, it does not address my specific issue (at least not that I can see) - I guess my wording (in my initial question) was not quite right. My problem is with the layout of the slides that appear when you press the "review quizz" button. When you press it, the program shows you the various question slides with the correct answer in each one of them. While this works fine in most cases, sometimes the answer is displayed in an area that collides with the rest of the layout, especially when you have data entry boxes that you have transferred into questions (via "convert to freeform", etc.). Ok, I have the option to change the entire layout of the sheet but if at all possible it would be better simply to change the location where the correct answer is being displayed.

I have attached a simple example underneath to display what I mean.

Thank you already for your help!



Justin Grenier

Thanks for clarifying your question, Mitch.

The appearance/location of the correct answers for a text entry can't be modified, but you may want to take a look at this Forum Thread that discusses some creative alternatives and links to some additional related threads.  You may also find this thread and this blog post useful.

Good luck with your project!

Maia Wintrob


I'm trying to edit the result slide on a quiz I created. I only want to allow users to review their answers if they've passed the quiz. Right now storyline is giving me the option for both pass and fail to review the answers. When I try to go to the settings of the "failure" or "success" tab... they share the same settings box.  

I don't want a user to be able to review  their answers if they haven't passed the quiz yet. Can someone direct me to the right area? Thank you!

Maia Wintrob

Hi Wendy... for some reason it's hiding the entire layer even when I'm trying to hide the object?? I've been messing with the different options but cant get it to disappear on the correct slide. Any chance you can help me please? I've attached the project. It's the second scene.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Maia

I'm looking at the result slide for the second scene and there are no quiz slides selected to create the result? And the triggers to display the success and fail layers are not displaying. 


When looking at your variable list there are two sets of Results.xx variables - which one should be reporting for this quiz?


Wendy Farmer

Ok see attached.

I selected the last 10 questions and checked them to be included in the 'Edit Results' slide option.

I added the Review button trigger to hide the button if they failed.

I added the Retry trigger to 'reset the results' and then added another trigger to jump back to the first quiz slide (trigger order here is important).

No formatting done on results slide you'll need to update that.

Here is a tutorial on using the results slide that may help you.

Also, you must have had another result slide originally and the variables attached to that are still in the variables list - these are system generated and can't be deleted.

You need to be using the variables that are tagged with '1' e.g. results1.scorepoints which is what I have used in the trigger panel.

Maia Wintrob

Hi Wendy,

I'm having trouble with the ending quiz again.  My result slide keeps showing "Retry Quiz" even when the user passes. I only want the user to advance to the next slide or have the option to review the quiz  or press next if they passed the quiz. As of right now my settings are all messed up and I've tried everything to get them to work. I think I'm getting confused as how to use the PercentPoints settings? Any help would be appreciated!!

Answers for the quiz:

1) The project manager

2) Change can cost Atkins and the client money

3) Understand change and assess impact

4) It often starts with small adjustments

5) None of the above

6) With written authorization....

7) Prior to client approval...

8) COO or CFO

9) A register of project progress

10) Atkins > Resources > PM Resource Center > Project Procedures

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Maia,

Thanks for sharing your file. I didn't see any triggers to stop showing the "retry" button although I did see them for the review button. Instead of using the triggers, you could look at just showing the "retry" button only on the failure layer - that way they'll only see it when directed to that layer. You could hide it in the  base layer and the success layer using the "eye icon" within the timeline.