How to enable a continue button on conditions

Hi there 

Can anybody of you superheroes help me with the following: 

I've inserted a disabled "continue" button that I want to activate to continue to the next slide when some requirements have been met, that is when some other buttons have been visited.

I've attached the file 

This works perfectly on slide 1.4 but one slide 1.3 on the last layer (nervous system)I can't get the same thing working. I want the continue button to change from disabled state to the normal state, when five buttons have been visited and then have the continue button to move on to slide 1.4 via the button instead of the controls next/prev controls

Any suggestions what I can do to fix the problem? Is it because I'm working in a layer? 

Thank you

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Agnete,

I'm not sure what's going on here, but I thought I should post so maybe someone else can sort this out.  First, you did have a random unassigned condition on your Continue Button 13, so I deleted that. And Jump to slide was unassigned, so I fixed that.

Since things still weren't working, I thought I'd back up and trigger the Continue Button 13 to normal when ONLY your Button 8 (the Brain Stem button) was visited. Things still weren't workin so...

I backed up even more, and removed the triggers you had to change the state of Line 2 to normal and Brain Stem (text) to normal and voila ... left the above trigger to change the state of Continue button 13 to normal when state of Button 8 is visited ... it worked.

I don't understand why that's a problem. My workaround was to place the Brain Stem and Line 2 objects inside the visited state of Button 8.

So, that's what you'll see in the attached. You could do the same for the other buttons (Brain, Cerebellum, etc.) and then adjust your Continue button from there.

Again, I don't know why your setup wasn't working. Perhaps someone else can figure that out. And if what I did isn't clear, please shout out!

Jacob  Selin

I have looked on this file and find a couple of things. 
Lets take it slide by slide. 

1.3 The states of some buttons seems wierd. Look at the downstate on button 6 and 5 and compare it to button 1-4 

1.3 The player triggers says jump to NEXT slide when clicking PREVIOUS button. 
1.3 On layer "human body"  the button 1 and 2 says changes state (to normal) but you arent taken to a new slide/layer when clicking. 

1.3 layer Nervous system:
  a) Button 13 got an unassigned state connected.  (if unassigned state is equal to visited) 
  b) Button 13 jumps to an unassigned slide when clicked

1.4 Button 3 got a statement saying if Marker Shape 1 "marker" 's state is visited. 
However i can't see that the marker got any state named Visited (marker only got normal) 

1.4 button 3 jumps to an unassigned slide when clicked

2.1 Picture 3 and picture 4 are unassigned. 

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Jacob,

Tx for taking the time to take a good hard look at Agnete's project. In terms of what you'd noticed, I don't think they'd impact the specific problem she had, which was around the Nervous system layer and the buttons with the "i" (buttons 8, 9, 10, 11, 12) not triggering the Continue button properly.

The Jump to the next slide when clicking Previous is a bit unusual ;), but I think it's functioning in the way she intended and also wouldn't impact the specific problem she reported

I believe I removed that unassigned state  and fixed the unassigned slide for Button 13 on the Nervous System layer, although those also had no connection to her problem.

I didn't look at 1.4 or 2.1, or any of the other buttons you've commented on, since those also weren't part of the issue.

It's always nice to have another set of eyes when working on a project, and I'm sure Agnete will take a look at those objects and appreciate your input.