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Michael Hinze

Here is one of many options to do this. I used two True/False variables for the required layers. The variables start out as False and are set to True, once the Close (x) button on the layer is clicked. I added condition to the Next button's trigger to only jump to the next slide if both variables are true. If at least one of the variables is still False, then a feedback layer is displayed. Hope that gives you some ideas.

Greg Rider

Thanks for the reply.  I haven't yet used variables in my SL projects, altough I'm familiar with them and used them in a SL training class a few months ago.

So, I need a bit more detailed assistance.  On the attached slide, I need the 2slide layers to be clicked on before the user can hit the Next screen and advance to the next slide.  The 2 layers are labeled "Patient Complains Layer" and "FU Hypertension Layer."

Would you be able to further detail your variable instructions for me?



Michael Hinze

Hi Greg, have a look at the attached file and see if that's what you want. As in my previous example, I created two variable for the required layers. Only if both variables are true (meaning the layers have been viewed), then clicking the Next button jumps to the next slide.

Michael Hinze

Greg Rider said:

Hi Michael --

Thanks so much for your work on this.  However, after I click both the specified layers, the Next button still doesn't take me to the next screen.  Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Hi Greg, maybe you can post your version here and we'll have a look. It's probably just something related to the order of triggers or some other 'hiccup'.