How to Fill a Shape with a Storyline Character?

May 01, 2013

I was watching this on how to create an image that sticks out of a shape. I can create the shape, but I don't know how to fill the shape with a photographic character using the File button in the Format Shape menu. Are the characters saved as pictures somewhere? (I can only find them through Inster>Character>Photographic.)

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Carrie Eaton

Belen, I tried turning off the shadow, but there is still a pretty rough edge on the character. However, after looking at the screenr posted by Aaron at the top of this post, I think that we can do most of what we want within SL. BUT when I choose FILE to use a file for  the fill, I don't see a folder with the various pictures.....ideas where that might be, anyone? 

Will be curious to see how you go about it, Jerson!

And thanks, all!

Carrie Eaton

Emily, this seemed so logical! BUT since I had already saved a picture to a project folder, it defaulted there. So I opened a new project....same thing. Then I re-booted the computer, and it STILL defaults to my project folder!? Now, this would normally be a good thing...a time saver in most cases. But right now, I want to find those pics!? Any other ideas??

Carrie Eaton

Sorry....I'm not being clear!

My original question was how to save out the character pictures so that we can work on them outside the program and them bring them back in. But seeing the screenr above, I realize that we can probably do what we need inside SL. But now I need to know how to find the pictures included in the character bundle to use in PICTURE FILL.

When I use the picture fill feature, it wants me to browse to a folder, and I can't find where they are!? Your suggestion above was to insert a picture and then right-click and see what folder SL defaults to. That didn't help...SL defaulted to my own project folder.

Bottom line is, if I want to fill a shape with a character from the SL character bundle that I purchased, how do I find those? I insert a shape, right-click and  choose FORMAT SHAPE, choose FILL/PICTURE OR TEXTURE FILL and click INSERT FROM FILE.....and see my last used folder showing on screen.

Does this make sense?

In the screenr by Aaron above, he showed selecting a picture from what appeared to be a folder of all the characters in the SL bundle, not just a few that he had saved out. I guess I could choose the one(s) I want, insert them in the file, save them out and then bring them back in as a fill, but I'd rather not have to do multiple steps.

Emily Ruby


That makes more sense. I thought you had already saved them into a folder, and were looking for them on your computer.

What you have to do is insert the character into a slide. then right click the image, and select "save as picture"

This will then direct you to save the image onto your computer. You can choose whatever folder destination on you local drive you want. Once you have these images saved, then you can insert a shape, right click on Format Shape, then you can use Picture as the fill, and when you select file, you will browse to the folder in which you saved the images to. Hope this helps!

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