How to find all instances of a missing font in SL3?

I need to find all individual instances of a missing font within my SL3 project. Is there the ability to do so? I don't want to do global replace of one font for another. I need to see each instance of that missing font as it's being replaced to ensure it's swapping in the proper icon (it's an icon font)

Please advise.



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Karen!

While we don't currently have a "Find Font" feature in Storyline, there is a Replace Fonts feature will replace all instances of a certain font. 

I can see how a Find Font feature would be helpful, especially when using an icon font. I'll be sure your vote is added to our feature request!

Eric Federspiel

I'm attempting to replace fonts (Arial Narrow CE > Arial Narrow) in a translated version of a course, and Storyline is freezing on me nearly every time I try to do so. I end up having to use Task Manager to quit Storyline altogether.

I've attached the file for your reference. The "Innovation" layer on Slide 1.4 contains the bad font (Arial Narrow CE).

Can you assist? Thank you.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Eric, 

I saw the same thing when testing your file. I took a look at importing it into a new .story file to resolve any odd behavior and the same issue occurred even when attempting to replace another font in the project that I do have installed. I didn't run into the same trouble when using any other Storyline files on my computer - so it may be something within this file. Have you taken a look at the details here on how to prevent odd behavior that could ultimately lead to file corruption?