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Apr 23, 2019


I do not display the result points or % on my results slides.  (I intentionally deleted the text box that was automatically created when I inserted the results slide.)

I do use the results variables in conditions, and now cannot remember which result variable number (e.g. %Results1.PassPercent% or %Results10.PassPercent%) belongs to which slide.

How can I see what results variable 'belongs' to a specific results slide?


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Bennie Naude

Thank you Crystal, that does not solve the issue.

Let me see if I can perhaps explain it more clearly.

1.  I created numerous graded questions and result slides.  For each of these, SL360 created incremental variables, 

  • %Results3.ScorePercent%% (%Results3.ScorePoints% points)
  • %Results4.ScorePercent%% (%Results4.ScorePoints% points)
  • %Results5.ScorePercent%% (%Results5.ScorePoints% points) etc.

On eadh corresponding result slide, SL360 automatically inserted the correct 'Point' and 'Percentage' variables that belongs to a particular slide, i.e. 

Instead of displaying the points/percentages that are calculated in the ScorePercent etc. variables,  I use trigger logic to display different layers of the slide (PASS or FAIL)

IF Results5.ScorePercent = 100


IF Results5.ScorePersent < 100


In order to define the triggers I need to know which # variable 'belongs' to the specific results slide, i.e. is it Results5.ScorePercent or Results6.ScorePercent or ???

Since I have deleted the text box from the results slide that shows me which # variable applies, my question remains: how do I see which # variable 'belongs' in my trigger logic for a specific quiz?

When I view the variable 'usage' as you suggested (screen shot in your reply) , it does not show any use of the specific # variable, which is correct as it's not used anywhere (the only place it was used was in the text box on the results slide and I've deleted the text box.) 

Since it's not used it's not shown, and I cannot figure out which # variable to use in my trigger logic.

In short:  When I want to use a ScorePercent in a TRIGGER, how do I know which ScorePercent variable to use (#3, #4, #5 etc.)?

It certainly would be a lot easier to explain this on the phone!

Best wishes

Wendy Farmer

Can you share the story file and I’ll take a look for you.

As long as you reference each result slide with ‘a set of result’ variables it should work.

eg the first result slide use results.xx in the text box and then create the triggers referencing those same variables.

next result slide use results1.xx

Wendy Farmer

Sorry Bennie

my mistake - on the edit result slide I changed the pass mark to 100% from 80% - when I did that SL automatically put in the two triggers to show the correct and incorrect layers.  In doing so, it added the variable results1.xx  and I should have used results1 and not results7 in the trigger.

If you ever need to work out what variables are being referenced you can add a text box with the references eg: when a user answers correctly and score a point - the variable will change so you will know which variable is being referenced


See attached update to your file.  Here is a peek video showing it working.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Bennie

I can't say that is why it worked - but I was looking at why the layers weren't displaying correctly.  I have a process of checking things when my results don't display correctly.

  1. I check there are 4 system variables
  2. I check there is a pass mark listed in the result slide (your's was 80 - I changed to 100)
  3. I check each of the quiz slides have a correct answer selected in Form View and there is a score associated with the correct answer...
  4. and place a reference text box with the result.scorepoints variable on each quiz slide to make sure that the scores are accumulating as expected and place this on the final result slide to make sure it is calculating correctly.

and so was a process of elimination for me.


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