How to fix marker border's bug

Hi everyone,

I am embedding markers in Storyline for users to click and grab additional information. From the attached 2 screenshots, you can see the size of the marker information block changes when it is in the publishment mode. Could anyone tell me how to fix this bug? Or it is just like this?

 Design mode

Screenshot 1. Design mode

 Publishment mode

Screenshot 2. Publishment mode


Many thanks for any support!

Tzu-Huan Lin

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hello, Tzu-Huan.

Thank you for sharing those screenshots!

When you ask about the block size, do you mean the difference between the one in Slide View (larger, with "Click to Add Title") and the one in Preview/Publish (no text)?

If you don't edit the default text (Click to Add Title / Click to Add description), Storyline will treat it as blank, which is why the text doesn't show in Preview/Publish, and the size will reflect this. 

You should see the difference once you add text to it. 

Let me know if that helps!