How to force ability to click one layer at a time?

Jan 15, 2021


I'm having a number of overlapping audio issues. Can anyone tell me how to write a variable or a trigger to only allow them to click one layer at a time? 

Thanks! Kathleen

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Kathleen,

Based on your description, I'm guessing that you have buttons on the base that access layers with audio. And, after a user accesses a layer, you don't want the user to be able to click those buttons until the layer's audio is done. 

The easiest is to place an object in the layer that covers the buttons. Have it show when the layer's timeline starts, and change it's state to Hidden when the layer's timeline ends (or when the media completes). 

  • FYI: The object could be completely transparent. That would still prevent users from clicking anything on the base. However, I don't think it's nice to prevent clicking without making it obvious that the buttons are disabled. So, with this option, it'd be better to have a semi-transparent object that "dims" the buttons, or an opaque object that hides them completely while the audio plays.