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LaVon Bowman

I have never done this before so please be patient.

I have a submit button, not a next button. I ask them to enter their first name and click submit. Currently the submit button just takes them to the next page even if they do not enter anything in the text field. I need a step by step for this.

In the trigger wizard:
Action = Jump to slide
Slide = next slide
When= User clicks
Object = Button1

Doesn't this now need a condition? How do I do that? I clicked the blue + to add a trigger Condition

List = Variables (is selected)
If = FirstName
Operator = ?


Walt Hamilton

The operator is "is not equal", and the next spot is left blank. It jumps only if they have put something in the FirstName.

Frequently when I do something like this, I create a layer that has a text box that says "You must enter your first name before advancing. I give the layer a 2 or 3 second timeline, and set it to hide when the timeline ends. Then I create another trigger that says show layer "Warning" when user clicks Button1 on condition FirstName is equal (blank).

ankita kadam

Hi Juila,

Yes. This is possible whatever user type in Text Entry (i.e name or anything) will display in the text format on other slides..... 

You need to add text filed in that just add TextEntry variable from "Reference".

I have attached sample file for the same.. Please check.... Hope this will help you to solve your query....