How to get a "yes or no" answer and store it in LMS report?

Nov 02, 2020


I have lot of course that needs the user to say whether they comply with the course or not by clicking Yes or No at the end of the course. Is there any way to track this in LMS report. 

We are using cornerstone LMS. 

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Judy Nollet
  • Add the compliance question as a T/F question slide at the end of the course. 
    • You can change "True" to "Yes," and change "False" to "No."
  • Add a Results slide to track the answer.

Note, however, that this will only work if you track course completion based on that Results slide. 

  • You can't track both this answer and the Results from a separate quiz.
  • You could add the compliance question to the end of any quiz, but you'd have to require a passing score of 100% to ensure the user answered Yes to the compliance question.
  • You could also set up the course so that the user can only reach the compliance question after they pass the quiz. That would let you know that they passed the quiz, though you still won't be able to get the quiz score.
Srinivasan  T

Hi All,

i tried it with both options (2 result slides and survey too).

I created 4 questions and then 1 result slide for that, then if the user pass the quiz they wil be redirected to complaince slide where they need to select yes or no. I created a result slide for this survey. So, whenver the user reaches this result slide the course will mark complete.

Now in reporting how to check whether they selected Yes or No? under which filed this data is captured in LMS reporting?

We are using cornerstone LMS. 

Judy Nollet

Hi, Srinivasan,

I don't work directly with LMS reports, so I can't answer your question about field names in reports. I suggest you work with your LMS team.

However, if you program that final results slide so the course only completes when the user answers "Yes," you wouldn't really need the report to find out their answer. Their successful completion would indicate that they selected "Yes." 

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