How to get around blurry resolutions in HTML output? OR Why do developing at small resolutions?

I've been doing some reading on resolutions a while back and decided 1000*680 was the ideal resolution for us to develop on. But, when publishing and viewing the HTML output at 1000*680, everything looks blurry, even the fonts.

I got the advice to lock the player at optimal size, which indeed showed everything crisp, but we don't want to do that to avoid other issues.

So why not developing at double size? I tried it and it looks great. Performance testing did not show great differences so far. But I never came across someone who developed at 2000 px, even 1000 seems to be an exception. Why is that?

Please share your thoughts!

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Lien Keulemans

Thanks Leslie for reply'ing. I opened a case (#00911044) and got the advise to set the player to lock at optimal size: I do not want to do that, as our users have different browser resolutions and I want to offer a flexible solution for them. I don't like scroll bars appearing.

So I came up with the idea of developing at a very high resolution (2000*1360), which seems to work (for now). But before changing everything, I just wanted to get some community ideas about that approach.