How to get content from moodle displayed in Mobile Player?

Oct 22, 2014

Dear community,

I am aware that this question may have been asked before or if not, is so noobie to ask it's not present. Either way I'm a bit stuck and would appreciate a minute of someone's time to correct a fellow dev.

Basically I've seen the way the Storyline mobile player doesn't work on moodle because the use of SCORM 1.2 or whatever API other than Tin Can. I simply cannot use Tin Can right now, but I found a link on the forums that may solve this issue and I will have to pass it onto my moodle genius. But for now I simply want to be able to link the story.hmtl file so that the Mobile Player picks it up on my device. Can someone give me simple steps to follow so I can test this?

Thanks in advance and hope I'm not wasting anyone's valuable time. Cheers.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ros,

As you mentioned, you'd need to have an LMS with support for Tin Can API to access it within the mobile player - and the only other way to get content into the mobile player without Tin Can, would be to publish for Web and place the course on a web server. Obviously that wouldn't have the tracking elements within Moodle - but if it's an issue of getting the content out to users, that may be a good alternative. There are a few web server options you can look into in this article.

Hope that helps - and that other community members can weigh in here with their thoughts!

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