How to Get Incorrect/Correct Feedback to Always Display on Revisit

On quiz questions we include text in the Incorrect/Correct popups to reinforce the correct answer, so learners can benefit from immediate feedback. In SL1, these popups would always display on revisit of a slide, as long as we had deleted the "hide this layer" trigger on the continue button. (I believe it also worked this way in the early versions of SL2.)

What we've discovered recently, is that if the quiz question is connected to a Results slide, the original Incorrect/Correct popups will not display even if the "hide this layer" trigger is removed. We thought setting the slide to "Resume Saved State" would help, but it didn't. I know there is the Review Quiz option that allows you to edit the text that displays when reviewing the quiz, but we aren't big fans of this as it's just one more place that we need to edit and make updates.

Does anyone know of a way to get the original Incorrect/Correct popups to always display on revisit like they did in SL1? And if it can't be done, can anyone explain the logic behind why this functionality was removed? Perhaps if I can understand the "why" behind it, it won't frustrate me so much. :)

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Tessa!

Take a look at this rough sample file I put together for you. I removed the "Hide layer" trigger from the Correct/Incorrect feedback layers, and I also used the "Resume Saved State" setting for each question slide. Hopefully this works for what you're looking to do, and if not, let me know and we'll keep digging!

Christine Brown

Has there been any further discussion on this issue? We, too, are trying to get both the response from the user to display as well as the feedback layer for that question when a user revisits the question. Our goal is that the user can revisit a question at any time and see what he/she entered as well as the feedback layer they received. In the sample story you so kindly provided Alyssa, the response displays, but the feedback layer does not. Is there any modification we can make that would enable this? Any help from you all would be wonderful!

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Christine,

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know what you would like to see within your course. 

Once the results are submitted, the quiz is in Review mode. So, you'd want to utilize the Post-quiz review layer to relay any additional information to your learner.

Their answer will still be present along with the banner for correct or incorrect as well.

Take a look at the attached updated project example utilizing this feature.