How to get items to reset after failing drag and drop quiz?

I have a quiz slide where I am using drag and drop. The correct answer is to drag items onto one picture, and the wrong answer is to drag different items onto a different picture (essentially sorting good and bad items). I set up a trigger so that the items disappear after they're dragged to either picture.

However, if learners fail that slide by dragging items to the wrong place, the items aren't reappearing when the slide resets. Is there any way I can get items to automatically reset to their original locations when learners reattempt the slide?

I'm trying to avoid posting the slide as it contains a lot of company sensitive information, but I can scrub it down and post it if it's too difficult to understand what I posted here. Thanks in advance!

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Daniel Sposato (Philly)

Hey Laurel,

You need to do 2 things to reset a slide without leaving it:

1) Set "When Revisiting" to "Reset to initial state" under the "Slide Properties" pop-up (click the little cog to the right of the base layer).

2) Make a reset button on the slide with a trigger that tells the slide to.... Action-> "Jump to Slide", Slide-> the side that the drag and drop is on (and yes I mean that the button will tell the slide to go to itself), When the user clicks the reset button.

As weird as this is, it works.  =)

Laurel Schulert

Thank you Daniel, that did make the items reset. However, now I am presented with a new problem. I set the number of attempts to 3, and I think your second suggestion is now overriding the number of attempts. Basically, as long as I keep dragging items to the wrong place I can repeat the slide an infinite number of times.

Ashley Terwilliger

You'll just need it for the try again layer - and once you hit the number of attempts, a trigger on the base layer to show "incorrect" if attempts is equal to X so that they won't be able to keep trying the question over and over again. The correct and incorrect layers shouldn't need any variables as they'll just continue on to the next slide from that point.