How to get rid of scrolling on Mobile


We have developed some Storyline 360 courses using a 1000 x 562 aspect ratio based on what we thought looked best for the majority of our content.  We also locked the courses so that on mobile the user must turn it to landscape mode to view.  Though the courses look great and function well on mobiles in landscape overall, we do want to get rid of having to scroll to the bottom to see the navigation buttons because we fear our users won't be able to figure out the tricky scroll navigation.


Is there a setting we can apply to make it possible to get rid of having to scroll to see the navigation buttons on mobile while still having our content maximize the space (i.e. little white space, the content fills the majority of the screen)?




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Jen Nowoswiat

Hi Lauren,

Thanks for sharing your course.  The black space of the player surrounding the content is able to be changed to a different color, correct?  And is your content in a 4:3 ratio? We were making our templates in the 16:9 aspect ratio in order to prevent having that extra padding around our courses on our desktop courses.  

On a mobile device, our course looks like the attached pictures.  You can see, for example, that for an assessment at the end of one of our courses, the user sees only half the course if they don't know how to scroll (view 1).  Then, when viewing the course entirely in the screen, the navigation buttons (including the submit button once you've selected an answer choice) are not visible (view 2) until you scroll all the way to the bottom (view 3). 

Is there a way to eliminate scrolling and still use the 16:9 aspect ratio so our users get the best viewing experience on both a desktop and a mobile?