How to get rid of these annoying text box borders in Marker bubbles

Borders are added to text

I am using the Markers on a slide to show additional information. I notice several annoying things with markers that I cannot fix. Perhaps anyone here can hel?

  • My text is fenced in by these annoying gray boxes. And I am unable to make them go away:


    Format Border is only available for the Marker icon itself, not the text boxes in the caption / bubble. I set the Border to None.
    Text box borders cannot be selected, I can only click on the text itself, which is unlike how normal text captions behave.
  • I changed player skin, so it could be somewhere in that, but if so, which option can I change for removing text box borders?
  • Fonts are misaligned in Preview and published content. Not in editor. See this picture of published content (HTML5 example but its the same with Flash): The number 2 is off to the left - compare with first image where it is centered.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Soren,

Thanks for reaching out about these issues--let's tackle them one at a time.

1. Marker text box border:

I am not seeing these gray boxes in my testing. What version of Storyline are you using? Do you see the same gray boxes in a new Storyline file?

2. Marker number alignment:

I'm also see that markers with numerical icons are misaligned in preview and publish in both HTML5 and Flash. I'm not seeing this issue with other marker icons, so it appears it's only happening with numerical icons. I'll take this to my team, and we'll get it logged as a possible software bug. As soon as I get more information, I'll update this thread.

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Soren J Birch


Hi all, thanks for answering. I did not copy the text, it seems to only affect the text boxes in the bubble, but also the regular Text Box when I insert that.

Check the image, the empty box in the left is a text box. It is normally drawn with a transparent box around it but for some reason in my project it appears with a colored border by default. I can remove this border by adjusting the Outline propertiesbut I'd prefer it didn't add any border by default.

 As you can see, the default color for the Shape Outline is one from the color theme. 


Where can I modify the border properties of a regular text box to be "not set" when drawn? I want it to default to "No color".

Soren J Birch

Well, I managed to solve this myself. 

The box is there because I at one time made a new Default Text Box. So the fix is to redo the default text box to one that is without a border. This won't affect any existing boxes, so you need to format those by hand.

Unfortunately Marker text boxes inherit the Default Text Box properties BUT YOU ARE UNABLE TO MODIFY THOSE! 

So basically, re-draw all marker boxes (And triggers connected to those) to fix the problem:

Suggestion: Allow Reset to Default on Markers.


NarraSoft Corp

Hi Alyssa,

I tried the import option and it's still the same.

When i was still developing the file i did not had any issues.
I sent the file to one our reviewers, They noticed that there are bounding boxes on the icons.
But on my end it does not show up until recently i checked them again to look for some slides.

Just after a few months when i checked the final files the bounding boxes showed up.
No edits was done on the final files and was never viewed after the project was closed few months ago. 

A copy of file was already sent to your Support Engineers.

Thank you so much for the support.


NarraSoft Corp

Hi Ashley,

Here is Robert's rely to my email:

Hi Danillo,

Thanks for contacting Articulate Support!
I understand that you find some strange boxes around buttons in Storyline. 

I don’t think I am getting the same behavior on my end. Please see the attached screenshot to see the difference compared with your E-Learning Heroes post.

If Storyline 360 isn't working properly, a simple repair usually fixes the problem. Follow the steps in this article: