How to get Storyline output into Lectora

I have also posted this question on the Lectora forum, with no responses.  I am trying to take a Storyline published piece and insert it into a Lectora program. I have followed the instructions I have found in two places online on both this site and on the Lectora site and I still keep getting nothing but the waiting round circle when I attempt to go through my published Lectora piece.

I have moved all of the Articulate Storyline files to the images folder in the final published Lectora piece, as directed and still nothing works. Any ideas on what I could be missing to make this work? I really want my company to be able to purchase Articulate Storyline and use it,  but unless I can get the final output to work inside of Lectora, we won't be able to use it.

Thanks for any insight you can give me.

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Melissa Erceg

Okay, so I got the answer from Trivantis and thought I would share it in case anyone else on here wants to do what I was trying to do. A Step got left out on the directions I found on the internet. In order to get the Articulate Storyline swf to play inside of Lectora, you have to:

  1. Add the swf to your Lectora title
  2. Pubilsh the Lectora title to HTML
  3. After publishing, copy the content folder(s) (story_content and mobile) to both the HTML folder and the images folder insdie the HTML folder

The content will only display when published, not in preview mode; which is standard for most outside links in Lectora.

Gary Poplawski

Thanks for the explanation of how to get output of a Storyline story  into Lectora. It works great!

However,  I've come up against a dead end when it comes to getting output from MULTIPLE storyline swfs into the same Lectora awt.

The problem seems to be that there can be one and only one story_content folder in the Lectora /html and /images folder. It can't be renamed to allow for  multiple story swfs, because Story'line's publish feature is hard-wired to look only for a folder named specifically "story_content." If you rename it to allow multiple copies (eg. story_content1, story_content2 etc) , the story swf can't find the content and just tries to load endlessly.

Also, the files within story_content are not named uniquely for each story. So you can't combine the files from multiple story_content folders into the same folder, or they will overwrite each other. (eg. the data.swf file)

Has anyone else encountered this problem, and if so, figured out a workaround?



Melissa Dougherty

Sorry, but I haven't tried to put more than one into a course at this point.  When I do, I will let you know what happens though.  You may want to post a question on the Lectora Support Blog at Trivantis's webpage and see if one of their folks can answer the question for you.  They are pretty good; just like the folks here, at monitoring the site and answering questions.