How to get text from "branched" powerpoint slides to display in one slide, triggered by buttons

Afternoon, folks.

I am loving your product, as it is creating beautiful end-products, for whatever little bit I am able to do. Very impressive. Like PowerPoint with a turbocharger.

And it is easy, from the perspective that there is a logical succession to performing specific tasks.

But as I told my Accounting professor years ago, when he lamented that we in his class should all be doing better because "this is Third-Grade math", I told him after class that the math is not the problem, but the flow of the process and when to use what math were the issue. So it seems here. Everything is at your disposal, and each element is easy. The trick is to figure out the path for your needs. And I'm struggling in one area I plan to use quite a bit.

So far, I have successfully set up a branched connection (happened during the "triggers" process below) from an imported (and quite linear) PowerPoint presentation; my wish is to make (in this section of the PowerPoint) the text from slides 2, 3, and 4, as required, pop up in a text box or shape (does it matter which?) in Slide 1, in response to clicking one of three buttons on Slide 1.

So far, I have formatted my buttons left-justified, filled the boxes, distributed them vertically, formatted them to have hover and visited states, and tried triggers to call up text from one of the following 3 slides, according to which button is pushed. I tried [jump to slide]  [slide i'm trying to go to], when [user clicks] [Text Box 1]. 


And it is here that I can't seem to figure out how to proceed, because while story view now shows the correct relationship between the slides in question (celebrate the victory!), the preview tells me it can't go to the link indicated.

Ugh. Can you point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance,

John P., Northbrook, IL


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