How to get the Next Button to reappear

Hi there,

I'm working on a project and I've been reading through all the forums and watching as many videos as possible and I'm still at a loss. 

Does "Remove the built-in Next button and create your own custom navigation button" steps only work when CREATING a navigation button ( 
Because I'm trying to get it to work with the original next button, and its not functioning properly.

I've "hidden the next button when timeline starts". And then "change state of the next button to Normal when the state of x and y and z are visited". 

Please help!


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Wendy Farmer

Here is a Peek video setup as you have explained and its working as expected

If you can share the file perhaps someone can take a look and see what's happening...the only thing I can think to check is make sure there isn't something else ticked in the trigger wizard when you are selecting the visited states of your objects.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Stephanie

it's working for me unless I misunderstand what you mean. The Next button is disabled on timeline start and enabled when the last object is clicked (visited).

If you mean it's displaying before you close the last layer that is because you are using the built in visited state.  If you don't want that to happen you'd need to create a custom 'completed' state and use triggers or use variables.

See this Peek...I changed the visited state of each object to B & W so I could make sure its working.


Wendy Farmer

Yes - I had no issue previewing and clicking the next button using the built in visited state and then when I created a custom state - result was the same I could click next and advance.

I would recommend you publish to LMS and upload to Scormcloud (industry standard LMS) and make sure it works. See this KB article for more information.


Lingling Yue

I have a question for the next button. The next button is "disabled" when we didn't visit all the pictures. That's what I do in my slide, but when I come back to this slide, the next button is alway disabled. I download the mock above, this problem isn't solved. I would like to know, if there is a problem on my side? Thanks for your help.


Lauren Connelly

Hi Lingling!

I've added an updated file to this reply. You'll see that I added a variable, VisitedState, which is set to true when the state of the ovals is equal to visited. The next step is to add another trigger to change the state of the next button to Normal when VisitedState is equal to true.

Take a look at the course and let me know if you have any questions!