How to get trigger working on drag/drop interaction

Apr 02, 2014

Hi all,

I'm working on a drag/drop interaction and need some advice.

The interaction I'm creating requires the learner to drag items into the correct order on a flow diagram.  What I'd like to do is have a checkmark appear when they drop an item onto the correct drop target.  I'm already using the snap functionality so that if it's not correct, the item returns to its original position, but I want to make it clearer that what they've selected is correct at each point.  The standard drag/drop feedback options only offer "none" or "by question" meaning I need to create this manually with triggers.

So far I've tried the following:

Checkmark initial state = Hidden

Trigger - 

Change state of checkmark 1 to Normal

When the user drops a shape on

Caption 11

I've also tried variations including conditions for the dragged object:

On Condition -

Caption 1's state is Drag Over

Caption 1's state is Drop Correct 

Unfortunately this doesn't work.  I think I understand the problem with the conditions, which is why I removed them and tested the trigger without, but still no joy.  Any other ideas to help me out with this?



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Sjoerd de Vries

Interesting. Can you add a picture of what you are doing?

I just started with the drag/drop feature to add an item in a box. I also wanted to use the state option and did not get it working as well.

I clicked the image and selected the States. Then Add a Drop Correct (with a checkmark) and a Drag Over (glow). I suppose this is also what you mean (but then a process diagram)?

First, it did not work at all untill I ungrouped all objects on the drop area. Now the Stat Drag Over works, but the Drop Correct not. That's also in your case isn't? Do we miss something?


Sjoerd de Vries

unfortunately, the search function did not work on this web site, but when searched in google I was more posts in the community:

So In my example I must not create Drop Correct states on the folder (drop target), but on the examples (drop items).  That works after submitting.

The above post discusses this feature, but it's an old post, so maybe we can start a new discussion here?

Can you post your .story file here?  And can you explain if you want to achieve that it gives direct feedback if an object is dragged on the right spot?

I can imagin that it also would be fun to show the correct and incorrect objects after a submit. Then the user can change the wrong dropped objects and resubmit.

Laura Robinson

Thanks for your reply Sjoerd.

I'm not using grouped images for my drop targets or drop items - just standard individual caption boxes.

I also want the trigger to happen before the submit button is pressed, as I'm trying to give feedback during the activity.

Here is the setup:

Once the learner has successfully dropped the correct item into the placeholder box,  eg "Interaction with customer" box is dropped onto placeholder 1, I want my hidden checkmark to appear.

The trigger doesn't seem to work here:

In fact, the trigger pane shows the object "unassigned", even though I've selected Object "Caption 11" as the target.  I think I might be focussing on the wrong object here to set up the trigger (the checkmark is not the drop item to be dropped onto "Caption 11") but I'm not sure what the right setup is.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Laura and Sjoerd,

Sjoerd, you were on the right track when you suggested taking advantage of a Drop Correct state. I put this together really quickly, but y'all should be able to follow this small (very plain) sample and expand from here.

This is a standard Freeform drag and drop. The targets and steps are numbered simply to make it easy to follow

3 target shapes

3 drag shapes

A Drop Correct state has been added to each drag shape, and I've inserted a checkmark on that state.

Per your comments, Laura, in the Drag Item Options, I've checked off for the item to be returned to the start point if it's dropped outside the correct target.

Under Feedback, I've also removed the checkmark from "Delay item drop states until interaction...

Please shout out with any questions