How to get video controls to show with almost no player

I can't get the video controls to show when all of the player elements are disabled or hidden (same color as html bkgnd).

Yes, i have the box checked to show video controls, but they're still not showing.  I've done something similar before, but that was still when i had next/back buttons and the controls were overlayed to the video.  Makes me wonder if there's not enough room w/ the player reduced to almost nothing to display the controls?

Anyone experienced this or know a work around?

Here's a sample -

(ignore the white lines, those are part of the video)


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Adrian Dean

Another Edit: I am playing with it right now myself following your explanations. I'll see what I can come up with.

Edit: You have probably already seen this, but it explains about choosing your player's features.

Hi Bill,

Phil talks about building controls in a layer that are visible during a zoom while using storyline's screen recorder.

That might be what you could do here.


Adrian Dean

Hi Bill,

I did a screen recording. I inserted it into a slide. I stretched out the video to cover the whole slide. I made sure that show video controls was checked. When I did the preview, I had no video controls either. I noticed however that after the preview and going back to look at the slide that the player controls were there, they were just off the slide.

Does any of that make sense?


Adrian Dean


Okay, I know that you can have the other stuff like the volume control and the next and previous controls removed if you build your own player, but I didn't think about it when making the video, oops.

Also to nitpick myself, in the description of the Screenr video, with in should be within.

Anyway, I hope the above video and the post before that helped your problem.


Definitely need to get a noise cancelling headset.

Bill Harnage

Hey Adrian,

I didn't shrink/stretch the video.  For example, the video is say 700x400, so SL is set to that size as well.  Yes, the video controls are off stage, but I swear I had them hover over top of the video at one point, but maybe the stage was a different size than the video..  It was a while ago. During beta, I think..

So that's what i was trying to accomplish again.  A virtual skinless player w/ video controls where stage and video are the same size.

Adrian Dean

Hey Bill,

Why not upload your video to a site like Youtube or Vimeo or something similar and just embed the video and have the users use their player controls.

I know you said you wanted to use only the Storyline controls, but there doesn't appear to be a way to do the hover play button like on Vimeo or the disappearing player bar on Youtube.

I've searched and played around with it just like you have.

Hopefully, someone else can come up with something, or we will get something definitive and you will have to do a feature submission.