How to get video to play only after button is pushed

I have a SWF with no ActionScript that I have inserted into Storyline as a video.

When I Preview and go to that slide, the video plays automatically, doesn't appear to start at the very beginning, and loops.

I would rather video playback be initiated by the user pressing a button after the slide loads. Preferably the video not loop and end with a Replay button.

I would like these videos to be viewable by as many devices as possible.

Any guidance greatly appreciated!

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Bart, you can do this a couple of ways it Storyline.

Double click on the video to display the video options on the toolbar.

You should see an option that says Play Video - the default setting is play automatically but you can change it to either

Play when clicked or  From Trigger.

If you select the play when clicked option, the video should start when the user clicks on it and stop when the click on it again.

If you select the From Trigger option, you can place a button on your slide and then use a trigger that has an action to start media when the user clicks the button.

Hope this helps.

Bart Collart

Thanks for the response, Nancy.

I wound up going back into Flash, adding a "stop" at the end in ActionScript then re-inserting the SWFs under the Flash tab as opposed to the Video tab. This works. I was under the impression that by inserting SWFs through the Video tab, Storyline would convert to MP4 and I would have HTML5 happiness. Apparently this is not the case - at least according to this link: