How to give delay in Triggers

Mar 28, 2013

Hi Can anyone help me how to give delay in triggers. i have some function in master slide and some function in page level . i want to execute my page level function before slide master functions or i want to call the slide master function after page loads. i have created four buttons in master slide and give a state for each buttons. for example there are four topics and four buttons, if am in first topic my first button state will be selected.all other state will be normal.. this will work fine if you are navigating the course through topic selections buttons, but it wont work properly if its navigating through back or next. i have created four variables and set the values as false for ex ;

topic1 : false
topic2 : false
topic3 : false
topic4 : false
and in slidemaster i have created a function like
change the state of btn1 to selected when topic1 is eql to true ;
change the state of btn2 to selected when topic2 is eql to true ;
change the state of btn3 to selected when topic3 is eql to true ;
change the state of btn4 to selected when topic4 is eql to true ;
and in particular topic pages i placed the function like this, for example in topic one
Adjust variable topic1 = true;
Adjust variable topic2 = false ;
Adjust variable topic3 = false ;
Adjust variable topic4 = false ;
In topic two pages
Adjust variable topic1 = false when timeline starts;
Adjust variable topic2 = true when timeline starts;
Adjust variable topic3 = false when timeline starts;
Adjust variable topic4 = false when timeline starts;
same like this in all other topic pages .
what's happening here is first my master slide function is calling then page level functions. i want something like my function in each slide should call once master slide function finish or i need to give delay for slide functions.
or any other option to change the state of master slide button in page level triggers .
Please share your ideas
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