how to grade manually made quizzes

Jul 27, 2016


I recently created a manual quiz slide that has 3 questions: a drop down (select one), and 2 free responses. I have the answers stored in off-screen variable objects. For example, when the user answers question 2, a box labeled yes will change its state to selected if the user enters correct answer and vv if the answer entered in incorrect. My problem is that the third question is placed on a different layer than the base layer and its variables are on the third layer as well. I want to add the third "yes " and "no" variable boxes to the form view for grading but the only options available on the form view are the objects on the base layer. How do I add the "yes" and "no" variable objects from my third question layer onto the form view  for grading?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Stephanie,

If the additional questions appear on layers, you'd need to create standard questions that could be adjusted based on how they responded - but if you're going to the trouble of doing that, you may as well create them as question types on their own slides and continue using the offstage elements to adjust the answer selected and submit that to your LMS.

You are welcome to share a copy of your existing .story file here so that the community and design experts could weigh in with other ideas on how to assist here. 

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