How to have multiple assessments (one per language) and report one results slide to LMS?

Mar 17, 2020

I have a course with 11 language translations. I added each language to a separate scene. There is a 2 question assessment that has to be passed at 100% for the user to complete the course. Currently I have these two questions in each scene and the results slide in each scene, but am trying to figure out how to make this work so that I can have one results slide to report the passing score to the LMS. I have tried multiple options, but have not figured it out yet. 

The first scene has a Language chooser (list of all language options - user picks).

Is there maybe a way to change the variable for Results (Results.SorePoints, etc.) to be different for each assessment? 

Any advice is greatly appreciated. I am sharing a pared down version of the file. 


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Lisa,

When publishing a course, you can only submit the score from one Results slide. So it's actually better if there's only one set of Results variables.

FYI: I was actually surprised to see that all 4 of your Results slides use the same Results variable.

  • Each time you create a new Results slide, Storyline creates a new set of Results variables. These are named like the main ones, except with numbers that change for each new set.
  • I'm guessing you copied and pasted your original Results slide into the other scenes, and that's why they all use the same variable.

Other options.  Do you have Storyline 360? If so, you can simply add a "Complete Course" trigger to the Success layer of each of the Results slide. That will tell the LMS that the user successfully completed the course. It's very useful for branching courses and/or courses with multiple Results.

  • In your case, since the user has to score 100%, there's no real need to track the score itself.
  • FYI: Storyline 2 doesn't have the "Complete Course" trigger. I don't think Storyline 3 has it, either, but I'm not sure.
Lisa Dobias

Hi Judy - thanks for your response. 

I wondered why the results variables were almost all the same and have gone through to re-insert results slides so now they all have different variables. So much for copy/paste to save time! 

I tried the Complete Course trigger late in the day yesterday and when it was tested on our LMS, it did not work. For some reason our LMS didn't recognize that as the trigger for completion. It could be something I did wrong, but I thought I followed directions. 

I am resigning myself to the fact that I will have to keep these as separate courses - but still hoping for some type of quick fix. We also have to publish this to Adobe Connect for use in another LMS system so I was hoping to get this all into one course to make that process easier. 


Beth Miller

I found this link … I haven't been able to follow it all the way ..not that strong on variables

Maybe someone could work through the steps and share a more complete step by step approach.

This is so frustrating since it is very common to offer multiple languages across one company employee base.  Tish should be a standard option in Storyline 360 .


* One training deck

* Multiple Language choices

* Ability to load to LMS which ever quiz they complete (with score)

Help Someone must know how to do this :)  If someone has figured it out can they send an example … I could follow?

Beth Miller

Randall Sauchuck

We did something similar with a branching course, each course ends in a separate Quiz leading to the separate Results Slide.

I use the Course Completion trigger on the Failure ("fail") and Success ("pass") Layers on each results slide.

When publishing you have to choose the "by Course Completion trigger" option .

So that sets Pass or Fail but there is no score passed. If you ALSO want the score you need to result to a triggered JavaScript to pass the score to the LMS.

It is tricky and fiddly.

define your own number variable  in Storyline ( "ScoreCurrent" == 0)

On each Results slide set this variable to whatever the Result Slide's Resultsx.ScorePercent is (this will be different for each results slide.

On the Failure and Success layers add a trigger to execute JavaScript to get your Storyline variable and set it to a javascript variable, then pass the score to the LMS using lmsApi.SCORM_SetScore(yourjavascriptvariable, 100, 0)

you may need to use parent.lmsAPI depending on how the LMS writes the course to a window

EDIT: Apparently some future SL version will allow you to ignore results slides you didnt visit in the course which would make the setscore by javascript solution superfluous. You would instead have one FINAL results slide that would tally the score from all results slides (minus the ones you didnt visit) and send THAT score to the LMS along with Passing and Failing


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