How to hide a slide in navigation pane (TOC) in Storyline?

Jun 12, 2012

Hi there,

I was discovering any option in Articulate Storyline that hides a slide in Navigation pane.

I saw an option to customize player for any particular slide that only facilitate me to get the

entire navigation pane removed for that slide.

As there was an option in Articulate Studio'09 to hide any slide in navigation pane without 

effecting the pane itself.

I am bit confused that how do i achieve this.

As I am building a quiz in Storyline that also opens every question as a single slide in navigation

whereas in Studio'09 any quiz was like a single slide containing all the questions in itself and we

had the control that whether we want to show this in TOC or not.

Can anyone suggest me solution for this?

Thanks in advance!

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Annie Jean

Hi Mayank,

The way to customize your TOC is to go to Player, and choose Menu.

Then, when a slide is selected, you can click the red "X" at the bottom.

It only deletes the name of the slide from the TOC and not the slide itself (as we all think at first).

Also, you can use the "Reset from story" or "Insert from project" buttons to bring back all or some slides into the TOC.

Hope it helps, have a nice day!

Don't hesitate to post back if you need further information.


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