How to hide an image in a layer when viewing another layer


I have two layers on my slide:

1 Map layer: a smiling character with text caption, pointing at a map

2 Prompt layer: a worried character with different text, pointing at the map


1 How do I grey out the map when on the prompt layer

2 How do I completely hide the smiling character and text caption when on the prompt layer

Somehow the map is colored on the prompt layer, although when I originally created the prompt layer the map was grayed out.

On the prompt layer the smiling character is still visible, although grayed out behind the worried character. And the text in both captions is visible. I need them to be completely hidden.

Thanks for your help.


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Rutwin Geuverink

Hi Paula,

Have you selected the "hide other slide layers" option for these layers?

Click here for information on slide-layer options.

You can also use a variable and a state-change trigger to show a specific image only when certain conditions are met.

Click here for more information on states, triggers and layers.

If you require more help with this issue then, if possible, upload the .story file. I will be more than happy to take a look at it for you.

Kind Regards,