How to hide attachments during a quiz?


What I want to accomplish is to give feedback after an assessment on the review slides, for example link to  pdf or section within the PDF.

I read the forums and I can accomplish this by adding the PDF in the Player under Resourses:

On the Review slide I can link to the PDF with a relative link that starts with : story_content/external_files/filename:

 This solution is working, however, during the assesment students are able to open the link on the attachment tab as well. If I make the "attachments tab" unavailable, the attachment is not published as well.

I like to have a solution where the file is automatically published without having the attachment option. Is that possible? Or having a solution to hide the attachments during the quiz and display them with the review should be very nice.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sjoerd,

The resources/attachments tab is designed for resources that you'd want them to be able to access throughout the course. If you're looking for just a resource to be accessible via a link on one particular slide, could you use the "Jump to URL/File" trigger and link that way (either to a local file or a file on a web server)? It's treated a bit differently in the sense that the Resources tab allows the file to become a part of the course, whereas the link points to a particular location. 

Sjoerd de Vries

Hi Ashley,

I want to link to a local file that is in my publishing package. To get a document in the package (-> without adding it manually to a folder), it is very straightforwarded to add the document as a resourse.

However, if you hide the resource tab, the resource itself will not be published as well.

I want to hide the resource tab while the quiz is performed.

I also found the solution! I found that in Storyline you can simply define another custom player to a slide. So I can hide the resource tab from all slides, except from the Quiz Results page for example. Than I can use the resources for further reverence áfter doing the assessment.