How to hide survey short answer question after submitted?

Nov 15, 2016

I'm designing an interaction that records students' short answer responses (not graded) at several instances throughout the Storyline. The course allows students to go back but with the short answer questions it gets a bit tricky since the answer still has the submit option (I don't want students to resubmit). I'd rather have them not be able to see the short answer slides again after they initially submit their answers. How can I hide them from view once they have submitted once but still have access to go back and see the other slides?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tyler,

A simple option would be to include a results slide (doesn't have to actually calculate results) but there is a built in review button and that'll force any question slides into a set up where the user could no longer answer them. So they could see how they answered and navigate through normally. That's the easiest way!

The harder way would be to skip those slides based on a variable value that you set on the final slide. You'd then need to add a trigger to every slide prior to the short answer questions to jump to slide # X when the user clicks next if the variable is equal to True. 

Tyler Moore

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the response! I have each short answer response (there are 3 or 4) linked to a results slide that sends the info to the LMS. I need to track what students say in their responses and I'm not sure I understand how to do the first thing you mentioned. Each question is linked to the Result Slide at the end. I tried using variables but is pretty confusing.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Well if you've got your results slide you're more than half way there! Go to the "Results slide options" and choose the "review" option. What you'll see is a button added to your results and a trigger to "review the results". It'll take users back through the entire course and they can see their answers and not be able to adjust or change them. Here is a bit more information on working with results slides. 

Tyler Moore

Thanks so much Ashley! I was able to figure things out based on your answers. I found in my particular case it was best to have results slides following each short answer question. This made it so that students couldn't go back to the question unless I had the Review option checked for the results slide. It took out the weirdisms I was having with the player and also allowed me greater control of what the student could/would see and the problems it posed. Before when students went back and one results slide was linked to all of the ungraded questions at the end, the player would not advance if the student went back (following pushing the submit button). Hard to explain but this worked! Keep up the good work.

Tyler Moore

Hi Ashley, I just realized my method may not work. I have several results slides set up this way. This is completely ungraded but we'd like to record responses within the LMS. Can we still get each response recorded within the LMS using multiple results slides? Not sure if being ungraded would prevent that from happening. Thanks!

My final results slide is calculating results for selected results slides, while the others calculate results for their preceding question.

Tyler Moore

I think I finally figured it out. I removed all my extra results slides. I had put them in there since it was causing navigation issues with the next button after students submitted answers. When you click next nothing happened. Turns out for whatever reason it is due to the survey questions being placed at the end of a scene. Storyline struggles to find the next scene. To remedy, I moved the survey questions to the beginning of each scene. I no longer have the problem. My guess is that the program can't make sense of finding the new scene and auto looks for the next slide.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hey Tyler,

You're troubleshooting faster than I can read! Anyway, I did want to mention that if you have more than one results slide you could use a master results slide to track all the individuals in terms of completion, but it won't report the users' responses or data - you'll need to use one results slide that tracks them all to do that.  

Glad you've been able to work through these things! Spending time to learn Storyline if often half the battle. 

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