How to highlight text in a list with audio


I have a 5 text boxes (a list of items) that I want each one to highlight (change the color of the text) when the audio part says what's in the list - I thought I could use states and make one state change to color, but the text box only has hidden and normal as states... Is there a way to highlight the list as the audio plays? Thanks so much!

Stephanie Mahoney

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Stephanie Mahoney

I found two work arounds -- I just have the line of text appear on screen when the audio part comes, and also used a whole block of text with bullets and did Add Animation > by first level paragraph to match up each bullet with the audio -- so, it'd be cool if there is a way to highlight lines as the audio plays, but if not the other ways work too.

Emily Ruby

Hi April,

This thread is a bit dated, but if you are using Storyline 2, you can achieve this effect. You can create new states on a text box, (Under Edit States) and use triggers to have them change states at a certain time on the timeline. You can set those triggers up by Cue points, or by timing.

Let us know if you need anything further!