How to Hyperlink to pdf in Resources tab

I have a series of policy hyperlinks in my SL course that originally linked to our Compliance Website Policy page.  However, that website will be changing within the next few months, so I need to link to the policies via another method.

I downloaded all the policies as pdfs on the Resources tab via the Player settings.  However, I'm stumped as to how to be able to link directly to these individual files within the course.  Is that possible?  If so, how is that done?

Thanks -- see attached screen shots for further clarification.

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Jesse B


In addition to those steps that Phil referenced, I've also found that when you are adding the source PDFs to your "Resources" tab, having them on your local PC/My documents folder helps Storyline find them when you are ready to publish. Storyline does not do well with files linked from local netoworks. Best of luck.