How to import a recorded screen into a layer?

Jan 04, 2019

I've recorded a screen and now I want it to be within a layer, is this possible?

The base layer introduces the concept, the next layer I want to reveal the step actions from the recorded screen. I've pre-recorded the screen and saved as a slide within my story.  As I attempt to inform the trigger on the base layer to jump to next slide (which is the recorded screen) it will not jump.  Anyone know if this action is possible? Can you provide another suggestion?

Thanks in advance!

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Cynthia!  It sounds like there are two concerns here:  First, the trigger to jump to the screen recording slide from the slide that introduces the concept isn't working.  Second, as an alternative, you'd like to include the screen recording action on a slide layer.  Happy to help!

  1. For the issue with the trigger not jumping, it would be great if I could see a screenshot of the trigger setup, the objects on that slide, and the slide layers (if there are any).  Feel free to share your .story file here for me to test directly!
  2. If you insert your screen recording as a video on a single slide, simply add a layer, cut the video from the base layer, and paste it onto the slide layer.  You'll just need a trigger to show that layer when the user is ready.

Let me know how you make out!

Cynthia Brantley

Hello Crystal, Thank you for the prompt response.

Addressing 1. I believe the issue with my slide not jumping was corrected with me saving, closing and reopening the file. But I attached my file if you care to take a look. It's in reference to 1.10 -1.17 slide numbers.

Addressing 2. I understand the instruction above, however how are those instruction still applicable once my recording is completed and saving the recording into my story file, which creates multiple slides? I want the articulate captions too, so unsure how to save the recording and still populate the captions to add into a new layer. Sorry, still lost on this one.


Cynthia Brantley

Hello again Crystal, I been watching some tutorials and figured out I am to save my recorded screen sessions as a video, especially if I want to use them in other areas.  I did not realize I had to save my recorded sessions in a separate video format, in order to have them imported as media.  I think I've got it. Thank you!

Crystal Horn

I'm glad you worked through it, Cynthia!  I looked at your file.  There were a couple of "unassigned" slides on the triggers to jump to a slide when the timeline ended.  Once they were assigned to the following slide, everything seemed to flow properly.

Also, thanks for clarifying how you had inserted the screen recording initially.  To keep all of the step-by-step elements in place, it might be easier to insert separate slides to introduce the concept.  But it sounds like you have figured out some ideas with using the single video option. Keep at it and let us know how we can help!  🌟

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