How to import Shockwave Flash Object from Powerpoint to Storyline ?

Hi everyone !

This question was asked about two years ago and I am wondering if  there is any suggestion. i am using Storyline 3.

I have a compatibility issue: I have a Shockwave Flash Object in a Powerpoint presentation's slide. This object is animated when you put PPT slide show mode. I imported this Powerpoint slide to Storyline but Storyline set this object as an image so the animation doesn't work anymore. How can I insert this shockwave flash object in storyline and be able to read it ? The problem is that I cannot find this shockwave flash object in my computer files...



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Russell Killips


Here is a little trick that I use to extract media from a PowerPoint. Most of the time this works but I have a couple of times where it didn't.

Make a copy of your PowerPoint and change the extension to .zip

Extract the zip file.

Then look for a media folder. I usually find this inside of the ppt folder.

Hopefully you can find the flash object inside the media folder.