How to import the free character images you posted

Hi Tom,

You posted some free character images, but after some searching, I'm still not finding the steps to get them into Storyline 2... would you please point me to those steps?

Also, I have a new computer and can't find my link to load the character pack... I've got my serial number but not the link. Is that something with which you can help?



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Nancy -- My apologies if I misunderstood, and I will be sure to reach out to Tom momentarily to see if he is able to provide some additional assistance. 

And also, I wanted to note in case you were not aware, when you reply to a forum notification via email, the details in your signature are displayed publicly in your post. In order to protect your privacy, you are welcome to use the EDIT button beneath your post to remove that information if you would like. :)