How to import variables from one storyline game to another

May 21, 2014

Back in 2012 someone asked if there was a way to import variables and was given this response: with one helpful link to about JavaScript triggers

Is there any update now that we're in 2014?  What I'd specifically love to do is import variables of scores from a variety of storyline e-learning games into one central storyline file that can serve as the client's profile with fun interactive features that my current LMS doesn't provide.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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andy bruce-lockhart

This looks like an old thread- but will ask here in case it's still on anyone radar before I post a new one.

I've created a test storyline story that has a complex set of variables in use to change the state of a picture according to how far through a course someone is. I got it to work. Yay. However - when i then copy that scene or import the template with that scene to my ‘real’ storyline production, I get none of the variables.

Is this perhaps a bug? Is the only way round it to re-create everything all over again...arghhh... or am I missing a trick here and there is in fact a way to import said variables again etc?

Cheers for any thoughts




andy bruce-lockhart

Hi Ashley

Thanks for your reply.  It doesn't seem to have done that.  Or if it has it wasn't clear what they we recalled as the triggers for state change are not linked to anything, nor cold I see anything that might be them in the list of variables in the story template  I was importing into. Can you offer some guidance as to the naming convention used in the import template process ie what they should be called when imported?

Thanks v much again. 


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andy,

When I've done it before it just renames them to the default like "Variable1" or "TextEntry1" and unfortunately if you have a lot of variables, that's not incredibly helpful or intuitive for working with them in a new file, especially if that file already had variables - as then the numbering will pick up where that one left off. It's something that we've shared with our QA team for review as the expectation is that the variable names remain as a part of the import. I don't have additional information to share on that issue at this time, but I'll add this thread to the existing report. 

Gardner Fair

Hi Ryan, I very much appreciate your question!  I have this issue on a back burner, hoping that some time soon a discussion will pick up around this potentially very helpful expansion of importing variables.  It would be great to connect different storyline activities together, importing variables such as names, activities accomplished, quiz scores, etc. creating a meta-interactivity between the different storyline activities (each of which can then be kept short and sweet).  I assume we'll have to publish to an LMS that will retain these variables that can then be imported, but I'm not a coder.  I'm just hopeful that some more help is on its way!  If I figure anything out on my own, I'll post it.  --Gardner

andy bruce-lockhart

Hi Ryan, thanks for the follow up question. Have been ill for a while so not really had the chance to play. I have however just looked at it now and can see some mysterious variables called TextEntry1 to 7  - which might fit with the generic names Ashley mentions however they are all set to Text - when they were in the original file set to number so I don’t have a clue if these are the ones or not.

If they are then the names and the change to type make them about as useful as a chocolate teapot at the moment as they also aren’t mapped to any of the logic. So re-creation and assigning is the way forward it seems - for the moment anyway.


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