How to inactivate button until all shapes are visited

Jun 12, 2012

I am trying to force learners to interact with all shapes on a slide before the next button is activated. I've read a number of tutorials, including the following:

Here's the situation: I have one slide with 5 shapes. Each of these shapes jumps to a different slide containing four layers. After the learner has clicked through all of the layers, the jumped-to slide redirects back to the original slide containing the five shapes.  The original slide is set to resume its saved state. I want the user to have to click through all 5 shapes before the next button is activated.

I have assigned true/false variables to the slide for each shape and set them to false. Upon clicking the shape, I've included a trigger to change its corresponding variable to true. I then attached "AND" conditions to the next button, requiring that each shape be equal to true before jumping to the next slide. This did not work- the next button will not bring me to the next slide.

I then tried attaching visited conditions for each shape to the next button, but that didn't work either- the next button did nothing.

Does the fact that I'm jumping away from the slide with the clickable shapes reset the variables or conditions?  Is there any way to make this do what I need to do? I just can't figure out why this isn't working. Thanks!

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Kate B


Thank you for the speedy reply! The attached presentation shows one way I could do this, but I was really hoping to allow the learner to click through the objects in any order, since the material isn't hierarchical.

I used the "adjust variable to true" trigger at the end of the jumped-to slides, as in the presentation you uploaded, but my next button is still not behaving as it should.

Bruce Graham

How about setting a count variable (starting at 0), and each time they visit a section increase the count by one.

Same sort of principle, but non-hierarchical

When 4 is reached, (or whatever number they need to visit...), then the custom "Next" button state changes from Hidden to "YEY BABY - Here I am!!!", (or similar...)?


Kate B

Bruce, I hadn't considered a count variable. I will try that next. I am also not using a custom navigation button, I am trying to add these triggers to the player's next button. I don't know if that makes a difference- I can't imagine why it should.

I have added the %variable name% object to the slide and found that the triggers I have placed to adjust my variables to true are not functioning, whether they are placed on an object on the menu slide or on the jumped-to slide.

Here is a screenshot of my project variables:

And here is the trigger I've tried to place on both the menu slide and the jumped-to slide.

Any idea what's going on?

Edit: The counter variable does not work either. Clicking the shapes does not adjust the count and therefore will not activate the next button.

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