How to increase space in bulleted list in slide notes

Jan 15, 2014

Hi. I am trying to increase the space among the bullet points in slide notes. However, when I hit Enter twice, the space is appearing very large. When I reduce it by hitting Enter once, it is not working.  I tried using the line spacing, it doesnt serve the porpose.

I would like to have the same space when we hit Enter once in MS Word.

Please help.

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Pedro Fernandez

Hellow Shivani,

Try this trick:

  1. Create two lines of text with a space (or row, carriage return, etc.) between the first line of text and the second line of text
  2. Click on th first line of text and make that a bullet point
  3. Click on the third line of text and make that a bullet point (you now have two bullets with a space between them)
  4. Now double click the empty line between each bullet point and change the Font Size.  You will now have control over the amount of space you have between each bullet.  The spacing will shrink or grow as you adjust the font size.

Unless there is a "built in" way of accomplishing the same thing, this is the best I can do for my own formatting issues apart from putting each bullet in a text box, which has its own issues.

Note: this will not work for numbered lists

Amanda Boyle

Hi Shivani,

You might want to try inserting an empty bullet point, like this:

  • Example
  • Example

And then highlight the spot with the empty bullet point, select the bullet point option from the home tab (which will erase the bullet point), and then while that space is still highlighted decrease (or increase) the font size of the space.  I generally use somewhere between 8pt and 10pt.

I hope that helps/makes sense.

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