How to prohibit to change state if some conditions applied?


My new question :)

I have the button with 3 states: Normal, Hover & Selected.

My task:

Hover state may be applied only if the button is in the Normal state. If it is in the Selected state it has to stay Selected while I do not click any other button. Even if I hover on it.

Can I realize this logic? 


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Rodion Nagornov

Hi Leslie,

It is a bit different task. I ajusted these rules and it actually stops to react to the hovering. However the button still turns from Selected to Normal if I move the cursor outside the button. But I need to keep it Selected while I click another button.

Maybe I understood something wrongly in the instruction?

Rodion Nagornov

Maybe it would a bit clearer if I add the workflow.

So maybe it could be useful to add one more Action type: "Keep state of..." till the moment when <Event> happens.

For example, in my case it could looks like: :Keep state of BUTTON1 'Selected' till the moment when 'User clicks' BUTTON2.

Mark Shepherd

It's a little out there, but the first idea that popped into my head was to have TWO nearly identical buttons with different, yet similar states. 

I don't think you can instruct Storyline to maintain a State UNTIL something happens, but I'd LOVE to see this in a future version! :)

You need to create trigger paths to cover all eventualities, much like what is suggested in your flowchart.

However, you may need to add a few extra variables and state-dependent triggers to do this effectively.

This is how I work around the majority of SL 2's missing capabilities.

A good example of this is its lack of being able to easily track or count states of some or all objects on a given slide. 

For example, I'd like to just have the ability to record or display the Total, or Counted number of Visited Objects on a Slide, but SL doesn't have that feature (yet).

In theory, you could place the visible button overlaying the hidden button, using the exact same position properties (CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER to access in SL 2).

You could potentially use triggers to hide/unhide the buttons you need as the related hotspots, or other triggers, fire.

This can be achieved by using variables, a trigger that fires or activates based on the state of other elements in the project, etc.

Rodion Nagornov

I resolved it this way: I add the layer with the button in the Selected state image. It opens ahead of the button when I click it. And it is unclickable. When I click another button this storyline hides this image and show similar layer for the newly clicked button.

Thank you all for your help.