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David Lindenberg

Hi Marcelo and welcome to the Forums!

There are several ways you can do this, if I understand your question correctly.

One way to do this is to set up several triggers on your images.

1. Insert both images.
2. Select image 2.
3. In the States panel, change the default state from Normal to Hidden.
4. Determine how long you want image 1 to remain on the slide (for example the first 5 seconds of a 10 second slide).
5. In the Triggers panel, add a new trigger that changes the state of image 1 to hidden when playhead reaches 5 seconds.
6. Add a second trigger that changes the state of image 2 from Hidden to Normal when the playhead reaches 5 seconds.

You can also add animations that fade out image 1 and fade in image 2 if you need a smooth transition between the two images.

Hope that helps!

Walt Hamilton


It might be easier to use the timeline.

You can slide an item on the timeline and it does not appear until that time.

In the illustration below, Picture 1 will be visible when the slide begins. It will disappear after 2 seconds and Picture 2 will appear. You can drag them on the timeline, or right-click and set timing. Animations will determine how they appear and disappear.


Both pictures show while you are working, but only 1 will show when you preview or publish.