How to insert variables in the fill in the blanks?

How to insert your own Data Entry fields (via menu Insert - Data Entry - Text entry).

Can you please share the procedure steps how to insert variables and conditions in the fill in the blanks.

Example given below.

Thenew millennium has___________new dimensions _______ joy, pleasure, pain andsorrow.

Correct answer is "Introduced" and "of"

Example link:

I want the steps for this video. Could anyone help me on this.

Expecting a reply.

Many thanks,


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Palani Velu

Hi Richard,

Thanks so much for your guidance. I tried it out and its working perfectly. 

But the score is not getting calculated.

For example:

If I am developing a set of 10 such questions on 10 different slides, I need to calculate the 

total score. Please let me know how to do this. 

Also i need not have a manual submit button as the system gives one by default.

Also I need not have the feedback (correct/incorrect) as the system will anyway give it.

I am not very strong in variables so need some detailed guidelines.

Please let me know.



Rich Calcutt

Hi Palani, Sorry for the late reply. Hope this file (attached) helps. 

Here's what it does: link to course

Basically, I made 3 versions of the question with a score slide at the end. I made a 'score' variable to add 1 to their score if they get it right, and then show the score at the end. Hopefully you can see how it works by looking at the slide. 

If you have any questions, give me a shout.