How to Install Storyline 3 on a different Drive?

Hello, I am new and on trial for Storyline 3, and I am not able to choose where to install the software when I launch the .exe (like any other software in the history of Computers).  I saw other threads about this dating back more than a year, has it not been made possible yet? This is very odd for professional applications. I have a dedicated Application Drive F which I nstall all my apps, and would like to keep the C drive only for the OS.

If it has become possible please help, this will determine decision to purchase, yes it is that important, thank you kindly.

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Pete Mercader

Hi, Jean.

That's actually a good question! I also noticed that the installation doesn't prompt you to change the install location. Although, I found this article for Storyline 3 for instructions on how to change the install location:

Storyline 3: How to Change the Installation Directory

Hope it helps :)

Jean Plescha

Thank you Pete,

This is helpful for Stroyline 3 as well, so I uninstalled from C and then followed this procedure to reinstall on F drive in my desired path.

I still find it odd that they do not give the choice nevertheless on the UI, even games give the choice of an install path.

In anycase for now this solved the concern and I can explore the substance of the software which is more important.

FYI for the Devellopers, it is customary to have an OS dedicated Drive now. Mine is a 250 GB SSD for the OS, while I have 2TB drives (SSD and Hybrids) for Games, Apps and Content etc.. You may want to addapt to Trends and avoid the surprises ;)