How to Jump to the slide results if quiz has been already done ?


In SL2, I have a Top scene with a menu to jump to several scenes containing only quizzes and slides results.

On the slide results, users can Review, Replay or go back to the Top Menu where the result of each quiz is displayed. Then he can jump to another quiz. That works

But from the Top scene menu, if user wants to go back to a quiz to replay it again, he arrives at the beginning of the quiz, and he must click on next next next …. to display all questions and its previous answers, and at least he reaches the result slide where he can click on restart quiz... I have tried all "revisiting" options without succes.

So I wonder if there is any solutions to jump directly to the results slide if the quiz was already done.

Any other idea is welcome.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Rick,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing the behavior you would like to see in your case.

I'm curious if you've thought about adding a variable(s) to drive the behavior depending on which button the user clicks on. 

For instance, if the user clicks the button to go to the Top Menu:

  • a variable (Top Menu) can adjust to True
  • when the user arrives at Quiz, a trigger that states when the timeline starts and Top Menu = True, jump to Result Slide
    • be sure to adjust the variable back to false when the timeline on the Result Slide starts so that the user gets a clean slate depending on their next choice

Just an idea, I look forward to how others in the community would handle this as well.