How to keep Storyline windows displayed the same way on dual monitors

Dec 16, 2015

It would be great if we could have a way to save the way we place Windows on dual monitors with Storyline. Unfortunately when you quit the program it is not keeping that each time I detach the timeline, comments, layers etc. I need to rearrange them on my monitors.

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Tom Mcdonough

Storyline 2 - I detached the timeline and it went to a spot above my screen where I am unable to move or return the timeline to its "home".  I am unable to see the "grab bar panel" at the top of the Timeline screen.  

I am also unable to edit objects on my timeline.

How can I re-attach the timeline?  I tried expanding the sides to another monitor, I tried resizing my monitor screens, I tried quitting Storyline.  Nothing worked.

I am unproductive until this gets fixed.  see attached image.  

Please help.



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