How to know when the learner had completed the lesson

We have a lesson with 45 slides of instructional content and 5 slides that are "optional." They optional slides have a help screen, a list of resources, an about screen, etc.

If I set completion for 50 slides viewed, then the user has to view all the optional screens -- which is confusing to them because they are not part of the regular flow of the lesson.

If I set the completion for 45 slides viewed, then the user can go through the normal flow and see everything they really need to see..

BUT, if the user happens to view all 5 of the optional slides then they can close the lesson before the last 5 slides of the final flow and also get completion.

This isn't good.

Anybody have a solution/workaround for this?

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Hassan Mujtaba

Hi R,

Referring back to your comment: 

"We would only want them to be able to answer the "quiz" after they had seen the 45 content slides. Hmmm...." 

Is quiz part of the same file or a separate one? 

If separate, then Ashley's post above has the answer. Because the quiz will ensure the proper tracking. 

And if you want them not see the quiz slid e unless they have viewed the 45 mandatory slides, I this can be achieved by having 45 T/F variables for all mandatory slides. Value of each of these variable will become true when the slide is viewed. Once all 45 are true, they would be able to see the Quiz Slide, if not, then they would get a warning message or anything else as per design.

I hope this helps.