How to let learners skip certain quiz q's

Been reading thru many other posts, but still can't find a solution. We need learners to skip certain quiz questions based on their job. For example, "JOB1" only gets Qs 1,2,3,4,5 but "JOB2" gets Qs 1-5 plus 6,7,8 (same Qs as JOB1, but an additional 3 Qs).

Customer wants one quiz and one result slide (for LMS). Also wants to show the learner their % score on the results slide.

Does storyline has the ability to pass "calculated" results along to the LMS. For example, a variable/formula like Results3.ScorePercent = Results1.ScorePercent+ Results2.ScorePercent? (Track in LMS using Results3.ScorePercent)

Or, is there any way to adjust which questions are included in the Results.ScorePercent based on a variable?

We can't branch to a new course with just JOB2 content and Qs, because it's only a few screens.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Len!

You can certainly have a result slide of other results slides, which is what I think you are asking.

You could then branch the users appropriately if they need to take the second set of questions or not.

The issue lies with having to have a lower passing percentage to accommodate those that do not have to take it. 

I hope that helps and hopefully others in the community will be able to chime in and assist with your design.

Len Agosta

Hi Leslie. What I was thinking of (to get around the lower % score issue) is to have a variable that says something like... "If JOB1 is YES, then Result3.score = Result1.score + 3." "If JOB1 is NO, then Result3.score = Result1.score + Result2.score." Is something like this possible? Not sure how to do this.