How to let the user complete the last task

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I am going to try my best to explain what my problem is, and hopefully there is an easy solution. I created a "bingo" card, where the user clicks on an image on the bingo card and then gets the explanation in a new slide that goes with the image. For every image I created an action where the state of the image changes to visited when the user clicks the image.

When the slide finishes the user goes back to the bingo card and because the image they clicked on has been visited, there will be a green check on the image. Apparently the state changes first (to visited) before the slide actually jumps to the other slide with the explanation. Because when the user has seen all the images on the bingo card, I want the slide to jump to a slide where it says: "congrats you have finished the bingo card". So I added the action of: jump to slide (bingo card finished) when all images have been visited.

But because the image is visited first, it just skips going to the final slide to show it, it immediately jumps to the finished slide. Is there a solution for this?


Thanks so much!

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Nancy Woinoski

There are a number of ways to do this. Since you have already set up the logic using the visited state, I would recommend doing the following.

1. create a true/false variable. You can name it whatever you want.

2. On the main bingo card slide, add a trigger that adjusts the variable to true when the state of all the images have been visited.

3. Get rid of the trigger you created that says to jump to the congrats silde when all images have been visited.

4. On each of the explanation slides add a trigger that says to jump to the congrats page when the timeline finishes if the variable is true.